Comprehensive Language Services Inc. offers language services including translation and interpretation services for immigration documents, legal, medical, technology, and other fields. CLS is based in Seattle, WA but operates worldwide.

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Comprehensive Language Services, Inc. (CLS) is a translation and interpretation agency established in March 1997 by experienced professionals to meet the growing need for affordable, high-quality language services in legal, medical, behavioral health care, social services, commerce, international trade, technology, tourism and other areas. CLS has developed a robust resource base of experienced, state certified linguists in more than forty major languages and dialects, who are under contract to our agency.

As business, industry, the professions and government become more global in their reach, the need for top-quality translation and interpretation services has never been greater. Whatever the requirement - interpretation in a medical setting or at a professional conference; translation of business or technical documents - or any of the myriad of language needs that are faced in day-to-day applications, CLS is the preferred choice. Whether your market is domestic or abroad, our certified multilingual resources can provide the services you need.

CLS can respond quickly to our client's needs by matching the required language(s) and area(s) of expertise with our database of available resources. In addition to language skills, our agency considers cross-cultural awareness to be an equally important factor in the delivery of high quality interpretation and translation services.

Ibo, Oromo, Yoruba, Italian, Viet, Creole, Tagalong, Portuguese, Hmong, Mandarin, Amharic, Pushtu, French, Slovak, Korean, Japanese, Czech, Thai, Greek, Swahili, Polish, Chuo Chow, Russian, Punjabi, Zulu, Somalian, Laotian, German, Romanian, Spanish
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